The Classics



Fitzgerald “Gin Rickey” 

 Plymouth Gin, fresh lime juice, soda and a lime wedge


Thompson “Original Old Fashioned”

Wild Turkey Bourbon, Barber’s bitters, raw sugar, and a lemon peel


Fleming “Vesper”

 Hendricks Gin, Spring 44 Vodka, Lillet blanc, and a lemon twist


Capote “Screwdriver”

 KGB Vodka Viracocha, fresh orange juice, honey, soda water, and an orange slice


Faulkner “Mint Julep”

Basil Hayden’s Bourbon, fresh mint, simple, Barber’s bitters, hand crushed ice, 

lemon wedge and spanked mint


Steinbeck “Jack Rose”

 Applejack Brandy, fresh squeeze lime juice, house grenadine, and lime wheel


St. Vincent Millay “Between the Sheets” or “Sidecar with Rum”

Sacred Bond Brandy, Genuine Curacao, Diplomatico Planas Rum,

fresh lemon juice, and a flamed orange peel


Hemingway Part 1 “Daiquiri”

Diplomatico Planas Rum, fresh lime juice, simple, and a lime wheel


Hemingway Part 2 “Death in the Afternoon”

Redux Absinthe, agave, topped with Prosecco


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These cocktails are Bookcase Originals and are inspired by the changing seasons.