The Team

Beau & Jenna Black

After working together in the Durango restaurant industry for several years, Beau and Jenna always dreamed of creating a space together where locals and visitors gather. Tapping into his sous and executive chef experience, Beau has engineered and fulfilled his vision of a unique establishment for socializing and exchanging ideas.  As a nurse, Jenna’s passions lie in caring for others, and she works to make sure every guest feels comfortable, creates memories, and experiences the magic found beyond the Bookcase.

The Bookcase and Barber showcases Durango’s local talent while transporting you to another time with an intimate atmosphere, expertly-crafted cocktails, and superior service.

Thank you for joining us beyond the bookcase!





Pedro Vigil, Licensed Barber



Young and passionate, Pedro has already mastered his craft, providing the Durango area with luxury barber services and an attention to detail.  Pedro’s vast knowledge and energy has allowed him to offer instruction to student-barbers since 2013, and most recently helped to open The Bookcase and Barber in 2015. When he is not slaying hair, he is spending time with his beautiful wife, Rose and their daughter, Ember.




Pat Sundahl, Licensed Barber



As a master barber since 2008 and knowledge of current hair trends and styles, Pat creates a superb experience that enhances his clients’ appearance.  Recently, he volunteered in Asia with the Village Aide Project, a humanitarian organization whose mission is to partner with needy communities in the developing world. 





Brendan Vlass, Licensed Barber

 Brendan was born and raised in Durango, CO. After highschool, he pursued his dreams in Austin, TX where he met his wife, Kelly, a talented local hair stylist. Together they owned a salon, in turn, giving him an intimate look into the industry. Shortly after, Brendan pursued training at the Roffler School of Hair Design. Returning to Durango in 2015, he shares his skill and passion for classic barbering, while raising his two children in his hometown. He is a beard enthusiast and can sometimes even be found serving the Bookcase late-night.